12 Jan
“I highly recommend the Sales Boot Camp to any organisation, manager, sales leader or sales team. Why? The mindset shift, which is generated by Hank’s energy, knowledge and his ability to tap into the heart, will unearth the key drivers of, and for, motivation. What you will discover could be game changing for anyone that participates. It’s more than a sales program, it’s learning about yourself, learning how and why you operate a certain way. It will vastly increase your understanding of your team members. It will increase your team's understanding of themselves and the various ways they operate and communicate whilst becoming acutely aware on how to improve and grow as an individual, team and organisation. It is absolutely worth the investment.”
Hank is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, speaker and author on business, leadership and personal mastery, I am on a mission to help others step up and set a new standard for themselves, their families, their businesses and their communities and ultimately the world. I imagine a future where people Live On Purpose and spend their time building more of what’s right with the world instead of being defeated by what’s wrong with the world.