We live in a world where massive uncertainty and constant disruption are the new normal. Our old model of doing things needs a complete overhaul if you are going to survive the #FOW (future of Work) let alone thrive in it.

If you are already feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, lacking direction, in survival mode or constantly reactive, then you absolutely need to know about the 5 game changers and how they are going to make the #FOW even more challenging for you.

Learn 3 skills that will separate the ‘successful of the future’ from the rest:

  1. Purpose – Clarity about the direction you are going in and the strategies and tactics to get there.
  2. Flexibility – Proactively learning the skills that are going to keep you relevant by reinventing, reconditioning and repurposing yourself to meet the demand of the ever changing landscape
  3. Resilience – How to deal with personal and professional change while managing unhealthy stress.

Don’t just learn how to bounce back, learn how to bounce forward!


The key to personal mastery is not asking the tough questions, it is answering them.

Choose which experience is right for you



There is nothing better than total immersion in a live workshop where you get to experience your personal breakthrough and share it with a friend, partner or even a like-minded complete stranger who is on a similar journey. The intensity and energy of a live event is not to be missed. So come laugh, cry, face your fear, get clear about what you really want in life and leave with strategies and plan’s to make it a reality. We choose our venues very carefully to make sure you have the complete experience. All we ask is that you bring your “A” game…you’re going to need it!



Some workshops are just made for an environment that fits the occasion! Join my team and I at one of our local or international exotic locations for an experience you will never forget. Our official travel partner is Hills Travel Centre who can take care of all your travel arrangements leaving you with only one thing to do…just sh*ft and enjoy!

one on one coaching


Coaching is the one of the best way’s to accelerate your personal mastery journey to create a lasting change in your life through spaced repetition. As your personal coach I will work directly with you to: • Find your purpose and design your extraordinary life • Achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals • Build a network of like minded people • Find passion in your romantic relationship • Get over yourself (that’s normally the biggest reason people don’t change) • Build personal and professional resilience.



Having additional accountability partners from within a small private group provides additional support that some people need to make lasting change. So whether its face to face or via webinar, I work directly with your group to achieve your objectives.



Whether you are looking for a teaser of one of my signature programs or you need a memorable keynote that will have people laughing and dropping several “f bombs” and “AHA’s” during and after the talk, then give me a call.



Webinars are a great way to interact with me during a live session where you can learn from others’ experiences and, ask me direct questions during the Q&A at the end. Be sure to join the Live On Purpose community and we will keep you updated with the latest webinar schedule.

Home Study


My home-study kits allow you to experience your program in your own time and at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You can also share your material with a friend or partner and get the benefit of holding each other accountable. The workbook is shipped directly to you within 24 hours of your order being received.