When was the last time you stopped and thought about what an extraordinary life looks like for you?

Are you too busy with…(fill in your favourite distraction here) to entertain any thoughts about what YOU actually want out of life?

What If you allowed yourself for a moment to map out what extraordinary means to you?. What would you be doing ? Where would you live? Who would be in your life? How would you be spending your time? What would be important to you? What would you be passionate about? What would you look like? What kind of a person would you be?


Sadly most people never slow down long enough to reflect on this primary question. The problem with that is summed up by a quote from Kevin Ngo:

“If you don’t make time creating the life that you want, you are eventually going to be forced dealing with a life you don’t want”

An extraordinary life does not come from magic formulas or get rich quick schemes that seem to be the norm these days. Extraordinary comes from
knowing where you are, knowing where you want to be, and overcoming whatever is preventing you from getting there whether that’s your story, your strategy or the state you live your life in!

I have a simple formula that works, it’s not rocket science but its effective and I have had amazing results with it. I would love the opportunity to help you Live On Purpose because I know, the moment you step up and choose extraordinary, you will give other people permission to do the same. And that is how we change the world!


The key to personal mastery is not asking the tough questions, it is answering them.

Choose Which Live On Purpose – Mastery Class product is right for you

Two- day Workshop

The “Live On Purpose- Mastery Class” workshop is a unique opportunity to experience a life changing event where you will learn the skills and strategies that you need to rise above the challenges of working and living in today’s fast paced, ever changing and uncertain environment.

In this high Impact, inspiring and thought provoking workshop you will learn proven strategies to effectively Live On Purpose so that you can enjoy greater success in all areas of your life.


  • Why you need to live your life by your rules for your reasons
  • The answer to your primary question – Why am I here? i.e. your purpose and values!
  • How to rewire your brain and reprogram your sub conscious mind
  • Why you do what you do and how your BS (belief systems) drive your behaviour
  • Discover why it’s the quality and not quantity of your motivation that really matters
  • Determine which strategies and tactics you can employ to achieve your goals
  • Set goals in all area’s of your life using the Live On Purpose goal setting methodology
  • How to sustain the change and bounce back from setbacks

“Live On Purpose- Mastery Class” workshop includes:

  • 2 Day Workshop Facilitated by the Author
  • Pesonalised Live On Purpose participant workbook
  • Signed personal copy of “Live On Purpose- Mastery Class
  • Full Catering
  • 1 x 60 min follow up trouble shooting and implementation group webinar with Hank
group coaching

Live On Purpose – Mastery Class : One on One or Group Coaching

If you want that unique one on one coaching experience with Hank as your personal accountability partner then this is for you.

Your Live On Purpose – Mastery Class : One on One Coaching program includes

• Coaching readiness survey and other questionnaires
• Two online personality assessments
• 8 x 45 min sessions with Hank
• Single Access to a group follow up webinar
• 10% discount to a “Live On Purpose- Mastery Class Workshop” in your area

Please Note: Hank can only accept a limited amount personal coaching clients per year and as such, spaces are very limited. Please contact us to check for availability.

Home Study

Live On Purpose – Mastery Class: Home Study Kit

If you would prefer to complete the Live On Purpose program in your own time. Then the Live On Purpose – Mastery Class: Home Study Kit is for you.

The 8-day Live On Purpose- Mastery Class Home Study Kit includes:
• 8 x instructional Video’s
• 1 x personalised hard copy workbook
• 10% discount to a “Live On Purpose- Mastery Class Workshop” in your area



The Live On Purpose message about relevance in today’s disruptive world and the three keys to thriving instead of just surviving are summed up in a one hour key note that will leave you entertained, begging for more but most importantly, aware of what you need to do live your life by your rules for your reasons.


Live On Purpose – Mastery Class Ebook and Paperback

Live on Purpose – Mastery Class, is built on a simple theme. Find out why you do what you do, and then follow the step-by-step guide to change your programming to work for you instead of against you. If you can come up with the “why?” then this book will help you with the “how?”