Changing the world, one coffee at a time

Coffee Shop Coaches is my “pay it forward” initiative where we exchange professional coaching sessions for coffee. If you have something on your mind, need to make a decision or just need to be heard, coffee shop coaches are there for you. Now, in case you are wondering how we do this…

  1. We run the Coffee Shop Coaching sessions once a month in various locations either face to face or by phone
  2. We don’t actually drink the coffee you buy us. All we ask is that after your session either you or the coffee shop you are at donates your coffee to someone in need in the hope that random acts of kindness will stack up and help make our world a better place!
  3. We trust that you are going to donate your coffee as per the agreement.
  4. There are seriously no strings attached… just coffee and coaching!

Follow/like us on Facebook or revisit my website to see when and where the next Coffee Shop Coaches’ event is, or contact us directly If you, your company or your coffee shop want to participate and help us pay it forward on a bigger scale.